Friday, March 14, 2014

::14 March:: Sometimes all a crying baby needs is a good cover song

This is such a great rendition of Dancing in the Dark and I love it all the more that sometimes it is the only thing that will calm my son down when he's in a state.. Really, it's been an old stand-by since he was a couple weeks old.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

::Happy Christmas Night::

My two little sugar plums :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

::Snowy Days::

It's lovely to have snow in December. The kids have been so excited to play in it all and Aoife has even quite happily gone out to shovel the walks a few times.  The driving has been treacherous though the few times we've needed to go out in the car and for the first time ever we had to park a couple blocks from our house as the snow is taking up so much of the parking space along our street.

Auden had his first ever experience tobogganing today and sadly it all went wrong very quickly for him. For some reason we all thought it a good idea that he go down with Aoife on the first run and he ended up face first in a pile of snow with Aoife on top of him. Poor little guy. After that, every time we ask him if he'd like another try it was all 'no no no!'. He did have fun playing in the snow though and trying to throw snowballs at mama.

We also (finally) got to doing the photo for our Christmas card this evening. We got about a thousand lovely photos of Aoife smiling sweetly and looking poised, while Auden is off trying to climb the fireplace grate or screaming 'nooooooo!' and taking off down the hall. We got a number of really lovely shots of Aoife beside the empty rocking chair as Auden is somewhere wailing in the distance. It is tricky taking toddler photos at the best of times, but in low light just before bedtime.. I guess it wasn't well-timed! Aoife tried her best to help Auden out of his funk throughout, singing him songs about trucks and trying to hold him on her lap, but to no avail, he was not having any of it. We finally got a smile out of him by singing this song he loves (apparently the Banana song from Despicable Me...someone has kindly looped it for 15 minutes on youtube). We finally got one shot we were happy enough with, thankfully!

A few photos from yesterday when the snow arrived..

Friday, December 6, 2013

::6 December::

Today, procrastinating about work and tidying (ie. major overhaul) of the studio, I made these little name plaques for Aoif and Audie with the thought that I might print and frame them for their room. The idea popped into my head with the thought that Aoife needed a bit of clarification about her name meaning and origins. She recently took in the little sippy cup with her name on it (that my sister-in-law's mum kindly picked up for Aoife in Ireland) for a diversity project at school. Currently, Aoife explains her name something like this: 'I'm named after an Irish princess! She's my Auntie's cousin.' Quite cute. So, I have told her that there was a princess (c. 12th century) bearing her name and also that her auntie's cousin is called Aoife.. and that there is an Aoife (Aife) in Irish legend too.. but she sort of puts it altogether and suddenly she's related to royalty! Anyway, I thought these little name plaques would be nice for them.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

See the happy birthday girl who's FIVE years old!

Well the big day occurred a few days ago, really..but I couldn't remember my password to post this!

Anyway, this lucky girl got three celebrations and enjoyed every minute of each one. She had her first 'school friend' party and loved having 9 of her little friends over to help celebrate...and luckily a few parents stayed on hand to help out!

As with each of her previous birthdays, our family all reminisced about the arduous journey that her birth turned out to be...a real comedy of errors (only humourous after the fact!). Aoife loves to hear this story too, she loves to say, 'Mama, you should have known I didn't like water..that's why I wouldn't come out in the birth pool!' Yes, if only we had was the second baby who loves water and who was subsequently born in a very planned hospital birth. Fortunately for Auden, his birth turned out to be slightly less crazy but still we have a pretty good story for him too.

Growin like a tall tree,
See the happy birthday girl who's five years old..

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This time five years ago...

I had yet to become a mother. I had been in labour for almost 24 hours and still had about 12 more hours to go (thankfully no one was able to tell me this at the time!). We still had the idea that our first child was to be born at home (not at the hospital across town as it turned out) and we still had no idea that the sweet little baby we were anxiously awaiting would be a girl, our lovely Aoife.

Five years on, she is headstrong yet gentle and kind. Thoughtful and compassionate. A good helper. A truly wonderful big sister who always thinks of her little brother.

We are so lucky to have this wonderful little being in our lives.

As she sleeps tonight, I stayed up to decorate the mantle in her honour..

It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind. -the smiths